Photography has always been an integral part of Michael’s life.  Some of his earliest memories are of crouching around an old wooden crate in his family home, scouring through stacks of white-bordered photos, aged and browning: cubby-legged babies in bikinis playing in backyard blow-up pools, shirtless men drinking beers on whitewater rafting camping trips, families reuniting over barbeques and picnic tables covered with red checkered cloths, neighborhood block parties, holiday gatherings, birthday parties.  

He was enthralled with his first Kodak camera, spending hours posing friends, snapping shots of their play dates at parks or positioning his favorite toys for just the right shot, periodically pausing to flip the flash bulb over for another set of five pictures.  

For Michael, photography has been and continues to be a way to savour the moment, to elevate, to remember, to memorialize.